Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fossil Springs, AZ

This is one of Scott's favorite 'hidden treasures' in Arizona.  It's a long bumpy ride in the car, but well worth it!  We woke up on a Saturday morning in May and for the first time in a million years didn't have anything on the go.  So we threw some sunscreen and swimsuits in a bag and headed down the dusty trail.  Being a person that doesn't possess a great love for the outdoors, I'm so grateful I married a guy who does.  My kids ADORE all the outdoorsy things he does.  I'm happy to stand on the sidelines and capture these great moments.  I love watching my little family play together.  I hold a constant prayer in my heart that they are creating memories that will solidify relationships with each other that will last forever.

The man that makes this all possible.  Yes, I'm crazy about him.

My eldest son freaking me out royally
I love how this captures everything about her personality

Scott talking Walker into jumping in...he was successful;)

trying to catch baby fish...all afternoon unsuccessfully:(

Sweet baby Ray helping her sis find fish

               This was such a great day for our little crew.  One I hope they cherish like I will.

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